"A product so effective, every man that buys it always comes back for more because his hair grows so fast!"

Dear Friend,  


I value your time  


So, I will go straight to the hard facts.


  • If you really want to turn back the hands of time and recover what the devourer called baldness has consumed.      


  • If you want to look youthful and virile again after baldness has left you looking old and weak.


  • If you are tired of feeling uncomfortable in the presence of other people because of your lack of hair.


  • If your hairline or lack of it has caused a serious drop in your confidence.


  • If you have ever been insulted and called names by people because of your bald head and you want to change that.


  • If you have ever been turned down by a woman because of your bald head.


Then drop everything and read the rest of this letter!  


Imagine yourself walking up to your family members and friends six months from now spotting a head full of hair?


  • Imagine the surprise on their faces when they see you.


  • Imagine how they would run to hug you and the look of admiration and respect they would have on their faces as they soak in your new look.


  • Imagine how proud you will feel knowing they respect you?


  • Imagine the look of adoration on your wife or (your girlfriend’s) face as the flames of desire are rekindled all over her.


Wouldn’t you love to experience that, my dear friend?  

I know you would and I am going to show you just how men all over Nigeria have done it. 

It has been 3 weeks since i started using your product and i can already see my hair growing. After spending so much money on other fake hair products, i have finally found one that works very well. My wife has already started calling handsome bobo...I feel more confident now.                                                                                       - Paul N. (Kogi state).

I will reveal to you the product that caused 50yrs old Mr. Tijani that lives in

Kano to say, I wish I knew about this product when I was young, my life would

have been far better’.  

A product so effective, men start seeing their hair grow within the first 2 weeks.  

I will reveal this amazing product to you in a bit.  

But first, allow me to tackle the elephant in the room.  

As you read this letter,  

Your mind must have raced through the number of Anti-baldness solutions you have bought in the past.  

And you are asking yourself ‘what makes this special product different from the other ‘fake’ products I have used?’  

To answer that question,  

I will tell you about the baldness fighting, hair growth steroid this product is made out of.  


Panax ginseng is a powerful herb found in South-east Asia



Which is used  to treat illness ranging from impotency in men to baldness.  



It has been verified by scientist in South Korea to fight baldness to a standstill and turbo charge new hair growth.  


Here is how Panax ginseng goes about its baldness killing, hair growing  business:


  • The nutrient Ginsenoside turbocharges the growth of new hair strains from the hair follicles (where the hair strands grow out of) by feeding the hair follicles with optimal amounts of Keratin (a protein strain known for hair and finger nail growth).


  •  Ginsenoside is also responsible for fighting baldness to a standstill.


  • Saponin another nutrient contained inside Panax ginseng prepares the scalp for the growth of new hair by repairing the damage done by DHT (the hormone that causes baldness in men).


  • Phytosterols gives the new hair a dark, healthy and attractive look…just the way the ladies like it. 


  • Cellulose acts like the gatekeeper of your new hair. It prevents baldness from coming back to snatch your beautiful new hair.


Now you know it is possible to regrow your hair


And you know the herb  that is responsible for fighting baldness and growing your hair.  


But before I introduce you to the product men around the country can’t stop talking about,


I need to sound a note of warning.  


You see, change is the only constant thing in life  


And because of the changes you will experience  when this product starts working its magic,  


It will be unfair of me not to give you a friendly heads up about


The changes defeating baldness and regrowing your hair would bring to your life.


Changes such as;  


  • You will become comfortable in your own skin.


  • High self-confidence resulting from this comfort that would be hard to hide.          
  • This confidence will make you stand out in any room you walk into and you will automatically become the center of attention.


  • A confident man is an attractive man, women love attractive men. You will start to notice more and more women will approach you to talk to you.  

You might get worried at first thinking this is some kind of ‘touch and follow’ juju you didn’t know about.  

Relax your mind, it is just one of the perks of having a beautiful hair.


  •  This confidence will spill over into the way you do your business. You will start earning much more money than you currently earn.       


 There is a simple reason for this. Attractive people earn a lot more Money than other people and this is because humans are naturally drawn towards attractive people. 


  • Your relationship with family members and friends will be much different. No longer will you be the butt of jokes and insults but they will actually start to respect you.

 Some of them will even get jealous and stop talking to you. I know you don’t care about that.

  Do you??


And that is not all.


But I will leave you to encounter the other changes in the form of pleasant surprises.  


Now, the moment you have been waiting for. . .  


It is time for you to meet the product that will change your life.


Dear friend, I introduce you to . . .



The herbal mixture in this bottle contains potent natural ingredients that gives this product its baldness fighting, super hair growth  powers.


Ingredients such as;   

  • Panax Ginseng extract: The magical herb found in Asia packed to the brim with nutrients that not only cure baldness but will also turbocharge new hair growth.


  • Black sesame seed extract: One of the oldest seeds known to mankind, Black sesame seed is packed with Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 that prevents your hair from falling out.                                                                              


  • Propylene glycol: This helps to keep your hair moisturized to maintain that healthy look.


  • Angelica sinensis extract: Another herb found in China. It prevents the formation of the baldness causing hormone Dihydrotestosterone thereby ensuring your hair is safe for falling out again.


  • Polygonum multiflorum extract: Promotes the growth of new hair by reviving dormant hair follicles on your scalp.


  •  Hydrogenated castor oil: Is an extract from castor seeds. It ensures the new hair you grow is thick and healthy.


What a formidable line up!


If this product was a football team, it would definitely be Barcelona.  


Considering the positive changes regrowing your hair would bring,  


The value of this product is … stay tuned.  


We would get back to that in a minute.  


But first,  


I will allow men who have made the transition from bald to Hairy  


Tell you their story . . . straight from the horse’s mouth.

My bald head made me feel ashamed of myself,i lost confidence and always wore face cap whenever i am going outside.

I tried different products hoping they will solve my problem but nothing worked.

I didn't want to try your product at all but after you explained to me on the phone how the hair tonic works,i decided to give it a try.

I am happy i did. My hair has grown back and i now feel like a man again.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Ejiro E. (Rivers state)

My Man . . . . Your product saved my relationship.

My girlfriend was already tired of my bald head because she said her friends were laughing at me.

Now ehn, even her friends don dey give me green light. My pictures dey everywhere for her phone.


-Chris (Lagos state)

When i bought 2 bottles of this product fron you for the first time, I just use one mind buy am.

I have tried other products before but i just decided to give it one last try before i accepted my fate.

4 weeks later,i am happy i bought those two bottles.

My hair has started growing back and even my friends are asking me to buy for them.

I dey come buy more bottles of your tonic and my friends are interested also.

- Edidiong A. (Cross River)

These men don’t have two heads

If this product can grow their hair back,

Nothing stops you from growing your hair back too.

I know your fingers are itching to lay your hands on this product

And start your journey to the hairy side of life.  

Hold on a minute, did I tell you about the bonus product?


Apart from the 2 bottles of Lanthome Panax ginseng Herbal hair tonic in your bald to hairy kit,

you will also receive:  

  • 1 bottle of Andrea hair and beard growth essence oil(Value:6,000)

To best describe Andrea hair and beard growth essence oil to you,


I would use a footballing example.  


Lanthome Panax ginseng herbal hair tonic is Lionel Messi  


While Andrea hair and beard growth essence oil is Christano Ronaldo.  


Both of them are said to be the greatest players in history.  


Now imagine the both of them playing on the same team and working together in harmony.  


Wouldn’t that be the deadly attack in footballing history?  


Now imagine combining the Lanthome Panax ginseng herbal hair  tonic with Andrea hair and beard growth essence oil


working  together to attack baldness and help you regrow your hair?  


Does baldness stand a chance?


Is there any reason why your hair won't grow?

There you have it,

A complete breakdown of the bald to hairy kit    

Impressive right?    

Anyway, here is the deal.  

The bald to hairy kit costs. . . 



Shocking right?  


You can lay your hands on this ‘dream team’ of baldness fighting, hair growth steroids for just ₦12, 000.


Yes, my dear friend it is actually that cheap . . . for now


But first, 



If after using this magical product for the first 30 days and you are not happy,


Simply let me know, i will apologise to you for wasting your time and give you your money back in full


No questions asked.


Remember when I said the bald to hairy kit is just N12, 000 for now,


Well, I am currently running a promo to give more men the chance to  experience the ‘hairy side’ of life.  


However, please note that the promo ends once the timer below

Hits 0:00:00

And the price would jump back to ₦ 20,000. 

After which even if you bring your great grandmother from the village to help you beg me,

I no go answer you.

Now is the time to decide if you want in or not

Now is the time to decide if you want to change your life for the better

Or you want to continue to endure the sad and balding life you current Lead.

Click this link below to order your own bald to hairy kit.

Each kit contains;

  • 2 bottles of Lanthome Panax Ginseng herbal har tonic
  • 1 bottle of Andrea hair and beard growth essence oil

Which cost  ₦12, 000.

After payment has been confirmed,


We would immediately dispatch your bald to hairy kit to the logistics Company for delivery to your address.


Please note that delivery usually takes between 3 to 5 working days.


I look forward to seeing you on the hairy side of life.  


Your comrade against baldness


Samson Ojeagbase.

Copyright 2018-baldtohairy.com.ng . All rights reserved

The Veldt




Question: How long does it take before I start seeing results?

Answer: The first signs of new hair growth usually appears after the first 2 weeks of using the product.

The same way you wouldn’t start exercising today and expect to get muscular the next day, the same principle applies here.

It would take consistent usage of the products to get the best results. Depending on the amount of hair that has been lost already, Users of the kit experience full hair growth anytime from 1 to 8 months.  

Question: Is there any side effect of using these products?

Answer: There is no side effect my health conscious friend.

Every ingredient in this product is a natural herb that has been tested vigorously by scientist and it has been used by men to regrow their hair.

There has been no case of complaints about the products.

Question: How long would it take before I lay my hands my bald to hairy kit after I pay?

Answer: It would usually take between 3 – 5 days. This is because the logistics company can cause some delay.

We dispatch your kit to the logistics company to deliver once we receive payment.

We would be in touch with you via phone regular to give you updates about the whereabouts of your package.  

Question: Do I have to shave all my hair off completely before I can start using the product?

Answer: No, you don’t have to. Always make sure you keep a neat hair cut so as not to look like a man that cannot take care of himself.   

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